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The @palladium_boots shuffle.


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I should buy this shirt for all my friends

My sister made me a card. Apparently it’s a tree but I still think it’s a triforce.


MEC Vintage

Winter 1990


“The size, shape, smell, texture and sound of a vinyl record; how do you explain to that teenager who doesn’t know that it’s a more beautiful musical experience than a mouse click? You get up off your ass, you grab them by the arm and you take them there. You put the record in their hands. You make them drop the needle on the platter. Then they’ll know.”
— Jack White

Anonymous asked: You know that vaccines are filled with poisonous chemicals like mercury, right? Google it.


Measles outbreaks happen because of this idiocy. Vaccinate your kids to protect them from HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS LIFE THREATENING DISEASES.

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Do want. 

Need to have a listen first though.

On sale at future shop, this is dangerous.


Geminid Meteor Shower
The annual Geminid meteor shower peaks next week. Sadly, the Moon will be near-full brightening the sky for most of the night causing rates to be lower. However, the Geminids will still put on a good show pretty much anywhere that isn’t overcast, so don’t worry. Southern Hemisphere viewers will see lower rates, with the peak being ~40-60 meteors/hour in some locations, so you won’t be missing out as was the case for the Persieds earlier this year. Use the Fluxtimator to estimate the rate in your location.

Meteors will be visible when the radiant point is above the horizon from your location. The radiant point is in the constellation Gemini (Jupiter will be too, so get your binocs/telescopes), right next to the Orion constellation. You can spot meteors anywhere in the sky and it is not necessary to look towards the radiant point as some may believe. So go out, find somewhere dark, look up and enjoy the show.

I just saw one, through Montreal’s city light no less.